• Mack Trucks – A Symbol of Fuel Efficiency

    By addone , 29 August 2016

    Mack trucks Incorporation one of the most popular truck manufacturing companies in the world and they have been serving construction and mining companies since 1900 and it was 1907 when they launched their first truck. Mack trucks are sold in the whole world and loved by many drivers and their companies. These trucks are now prepared under the banner of AB Volvo. Volvo purchased this company along with Renault trucks in 2000. These trucks are supplied to the whole world as they have assembly plants in many countries and exported to other countries where there is a demand.

    The initiative, which has been taken by Mack trucks is to provide energy efficient engines to the market. Their Lower Macungie plant has got the certification of energy efficiency from U.S. Department of Energy. It is a new program and has been developed just to provide fuel efficient truck engines and take an edge over the competitors where there was no such decision as people normally do not bother fuel efficiency in the trucks. There are only Mack Trucks, which are available for sale in the market, that claim the fuel efficient engines in their bodies.


    The specially designed programs, made by the Energy Department, have a very clear focus that the experts and professional engineers try to protect the environment by providing energy efficient engines to the market. Greenhouse gas emissions are damaging the environment due to which the temperatures are increasing. It is the duty of scientists to find out the ways through which these gases can be reduced. Introduction of energy efficient engines in the trucks is one of the ways which will create a positive impact and other industries will also try to move in the particular healthy direction.

    Mack Trucks won Superior Energy Performance Certificate at platinum level, which is a great achievement as this is the highest level of certification in the United States of America. This certificate has been given due to the excellent performance made by Mack Trucks as they improved the energy efficiency up to 42% in ten years started from 2002 and ended in 2012. Due to this high performance, the sales of Mack Trucks are improving and it is estimated that in next few years, they will be able to get better position among the best brands of heavy equipment and commercial trucks.

    Mack incorporation is performing at its best level in its Macungie Township plant where energy efficient trucks are being prepared. For selling these Mack trucks in the market, the manufacturing process is being performed by more than 1700 workers who do their hard work in providing exceptional quality products for the whole world. It is also important to mention that Mack incorporation also follows ISO standards and have received ISO 50001 certifications which is actually given to those companies which are globally recognized energy efficient standards followers.

    Mack Incorporation has been proudly mentioning that they are the first company which have earned SEP platinum Mature Energy Pathway recognition during completion of ISO 50001 certification. They are investing more for upgrading lighting, HVAC system efficiency upgrades, building automation system and many other changes in the manufacturing unit. These efforts will take Mack Incorporation where they will in a position to challenge world’s most renowned brands in the heavy equipment industry.