• How do you know the Productivity of your Heavy Equipment?

    By admin , 25 April 2016

    The construction companies are managing many jobs which are underway so there is always a need of measuring the equipments in which global trucks and machines are also included. For managing all the jobs, the construction companies develop different techniques and tools through which they can manage all the projects successfully.


    For checking the business processes, the companies try to calculate the required time and cost. There is a simple equation for getting the best results which is to check the crew members and the machinery and assign the jobs accordingly. It helps the management to shift the crew and equipment from one place to another. We have designed a checklist in which you can see your trucks, machinery and the crew and shift the required to the particular place.

    Establish a mechanism through a clear target to the management

    The major challenge which has to be managed is the communication gap which can be generated among the location managers, workers and the operators. The operators, who normally belong to global trucks and machinery, should be well informed and aware so they can move at a right time and there should be no delay in the running process at all the jobsites. The crew members, managers and workers should also be well informed about their tasks and jobs. They should also be informed if their duties are going to change from one location to another. It is the only way through which the multiple jobs can be managed and finished at the required and decided time.

    Regular Reviews and Inspection of the Jobsites

    It is also very important to visit the locations on a regular basis from the higher management to watch the performance and the percentage of works which are left. The construction jobs are started in such a way that the completion of one job at one site gives the initiative to start the same job at the second job site. By doing this, you will be able to transfer the trucks and the machinery from one place to another. It also gives an edge to hire limited professionals so you can move the experts of one aspect of the construction as you have the skills to control all the projects simultaneously.

    globally used trucks and machinery

    The regular supply of the material and the workers should also be managed as most of the companies do not have multiple globally used trucks and machinery and they have to manage all the jobs with the limited stock. Your reviews and inspection make your lives easier as you know the exact situation of each project.

    Training of Smooth Operators

    You should have the trained operators of machinery, heavy equipments and trucks so they have the skills to complete the projects within the defined timeline. If you have limited staff, you should plan the training sessions for the new workers so you can build up a team of high skills and expertise.

    Globally Established Trucks, Loaders and Machinery

    It is very important to purchase or hire those globally recognized trucks and machinery which is already in use and have a good reputation in the market. If your equipment is updated and has a good performance, your work load will be managed easily and you will be able to finish your jobs in the allotted time.

    When you will apply all the described suggestions in your organization, we assure you that you will be able to manage all the jobsites more effectively and engage your staff even in new assignments as well.