• The Contribution of Construction Industry for the Improvement of the Environment

    By admin , 26 April 2016

    Our planet, the earth, is suffering a great problem of pollution and atmospheric destruction and the unfortunate issue is that most of the people do not bother the reality and seriousness of such a huge danger for life. Our earth is a place where the inhabitants are trying everything for its destruction while the serious people are now thinking about it but no one is worried at the moment.

    The experts of environment and weather forecast are conducting seminars and workshops in all over the world for giving awareness and knowledge about the severity of the problem. The reality is that the temperature of the world is increasing drastically and there is a danger when all the glaciers will melt and some of the big cities will vanish from the crust of the earth.construction equipments

    The construction industry is also contributing in increasing the air and sound pollution, which is the cause of many diseases. The globally recognized trucks, machinery and other heavy equipment are the major sources of the pollution and there is a need of introduction of ECO friendly vehicles and construction equipment through which the margin of construction industry in the increase of pollution can be handled.

    There is a need of some basic steps for the betterment of the environment and there would be no major change required. If we are managing the oil and fuel of our trucks and other equipment and changing the oil in time, there will be no extra smoke or sound so the atmosphere will automatically be improved.


    The reality of the time that the construction cannot be stopped in any case as the population of the world is increasing and there is a need of new buildings, roads, shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutes, underpasses and flyovers. The only solution through which we can contribute for the better environment is to create ECO and human friendly environment during the construction. There should be a proper place for plantation as the plants and trees are really important for the better environment.

    Another thing which can be implemented is the implementation of ECO friendly, globally recognized trucks, machinery and other construction equipment which can be handled with less fuel or environment friendly fuel.  There is a need to decrease the emission of carbon dioxide and stop the use of conventional machinery which is not suitable for our environment.

    It is the responsibility of the manufacturers of the heavy equipment who are providing trucks and other machinery all over the globe, to provide that equipment which is not only performance oriented but it should also be ECO friendly as the luxury vehicle providers are doing. Although, this technology is very expensive and the prices of the heavy equipment will definitely increase, but it should be adopted as it would secure the future of our coming generations.

    It is very difficult for smaller construction companies to buying such expensive machinery so it will take time, but with the passage of time, the ECO friendly machinery and construction equipment will automatically replace the old conventional equipment. It is also due to the fact that the performance of eco-friendly, globally designed trucks and other machinery related to the construction industry is far better than the old equipment so it will become the requirement of the construction companies in the world.