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Classified PEQUEA 25G

Dry Manure Spreaders Pequea 25G Manure Spreader, Ground Driven, Single Axle, Single Beater, 6 x 12 Tires, Jack, Poly Floor, Never Been Used

$2,650.00 US
Classified 1998 FORD F800

Crane Trucks A/C, 6 Speed Trans, Hyd Brakes, 22' Long Bed, GVWR 26,000lbs, 10R22.5 Tires, Auto Crane Model 5005H Mounted In Bed, Crane goes out 16', 5000lb Rating With Remote, Side Ratchets, Rear Pintol Hitch

$14,500.00 US
Classified LAND PRIDE RB3596

Blades/Box Scrapers Land Pride RB3596 Backblade, 8' Wide, Category 2 3pt Hitch, 6 Way, Bolt On Cutting Edge, Heavy Duty, Very Good Condition

$1,550.00 US
Classified 1987 GMC BRIGADIER

Dump Trucks A/C, Heat, L-10 Cummins Diesel, 9 Speed Trans, Turbo, Hitch And Air To The Back, Air Brakes, 10' Box, Electric Tarp, 11R22.5 Tires, 151" Wheel Base, 2 Fuel Tanks, 12,000lb Front Axle, 21,760 Rear Axle, GVWR 33,760lbs, 673,000 Miles, Very Good Running Dump Truck A/C, 4x2

$8,900.00 US
Classified BULLDOG 287

Loaders Bull Dog 285 Loader, 51" Bucket, Brackets, Joystick Loader Valve, Fits Compact Tractor

$1,250.00 US
Classified 1997 FORD F350

1 Ton Pickup Trucks 4WD Ford F-350 pickup with Geoprobe model 5096 mounted in box, 7.3 powerstroke diesel, 4x4, auto trans, power windows and locks, 265/75R16 tires, geoprobe serial number 9905, runs and drives great. 4x4

$12,000.00 US
Classified JOHN DEERE 48

Loaders John Deere 48 Loader, Comes With Brackets, 84" Wide Bucket, Plugs In To Tractor Hyd, Good Condition

$2,850.00 US
Classified 2006 FORD F250

Service Trucks / Utility Trucks / Mechanic Trucks Ford F-250 Service Truck, 2 Wheel Drive, 5.4L V-8 Gas Engine, A/C, Radio, Bucket Seats, Extended Cab, Knapheide Service Body, Reese Hitch, Automatic Trans, 245/75R17 Tires, GVWR 9200lbs, Very Clean Truck 4x2

$7,500.00 US
Classified JOHN DEERE 143

Loaders John Deere 143 Loader, 60" Bucket, 2 Lever Valve, No Brackets, Missing Rt Lift Cylinder, Good Condition Otherwise

$2,500.00 US
Classified 2003 JET

Drop Deck Trailers Jet 53' Tail Trailer, 102" Wide, 10' Top Deck, 3' Tapered Neck, 34' Bottom Deck, 6' Tail, 5' 5" Ramps, 10' 1" Spread, Air Ride, Dump Valve, 8 Sliding Ratchets, Cross Members On 12" Centers

$18,500.00 US
Classified JOHN DEERE 720

Loaders John Deere 720 Loader, Comes With Brackets, No Bucket, Good Condition

$3,900.00 US
Classified 2008 IVT 45' LONG

Flatbed Trailers 45' Long, 102" Wide, 83" Between Fenders, 30" Deck Height, 8 Bolt Wheels, 235/80R16 Tires, Electric Brakes, Ramps, 2 Jacks, Good Condition

$7,500.00 US
Classified MASSEY-FERGUSON 1242

Loaders Massey Ferguson 1242 Quick Tach Loader, 48" Wide Bucket, Brackets, Joystick Loader Valve

$1,850.00 US
Classified 2000 EAGER BEAVER 25 TON

Tag Trailers Eager Beaver 25 Ton Tag Trailer, 3 Axle, Air Brake, 102" Wide, 22' Flat, 6' Tail, 32" Bed Height, 215/75R17.5 Tires, 7 D-Rings Per Side, Pintle Hitch, 2 Speed Jacks, GVWR 61,720lbs Model: 25 TON

$10,500.00 US

Riding Lawn Mowers Ransomes Motor350D Reel Mower, 12' Cut, Hydrostatic Drive, 4cyl Kubota Diesel

$2,800.00 US
Classified 1997 TOWMASTER 20 Ton

Tag Trailers Towmaster 20 Ton Air Brake Trailer, Tandam Axle, Pintol Hitch, 19' Flat, 5' Tail, 8' Wide, Folding Ramps, 34" Bed Height, Air Brake, 2 Speed Jack, 215/75R17.5 Tires, Good Condition

$10,500.00 US
Classified 2015 SCAG TIGERCAT

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Gas Fuel Type; Hydro; Scag Tiger Cat, Kawasaki 22hp Gas Motor, Folding Rollbar, 52" Deck, 134 Hours, Very Good Condition, One Owner Cutting Width: 52, Fuel Type: Gas, Transmission Type: Hydro

$6,250.00 US
Classified 2006 TOWMASTER T-20

Tag Trailers Tandem Dually, Air Brake, Pintle Hitch, 19' Flat, 5' Tail, 36" Bed Height, 102" Wide, 235/85R16 Tires, GVWR 25,900lbs, Low Use Very Good Condition

$7,250.00 US
Classified YAZOOKEES ZBIQL48182

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers 48 in Cutting Width; Gas Fuel Type; Hydro; Yazoo/Kees Zero Turn Mower, 48" Wide Deck, 18hp Briggs And Stratton Gas Motor, 181 Hours, Runs And Operates Great Cutting Width: 48, Fuel Type: Gas, Transmission Type: Hydro

$3,950.00 US
Classified BRILLION SS1201

Grain Drills Brillion Sure Stand Seeder, Plants 10' Wide, 13' Overall Width, Dual Packer, Dual Seed Box, 15" Tires, 1591 Acres On The Counter, Good Condition

$5,250.00 US
Classified INTERNATIONAL 510

Grain Drills International 510 Grain Drill, 16 Hole, 7 1/2" Spacing, Single Disc Openers, Plants 9' Wide, 12' Overall Width, Grass Seed, Seed Chart, Marker Tires, Fertilizer, Good Condition Type: Pull, Number of Openers: 16

$2,500.00 US
Classified INTERNATIONAL 600

Grain Drills 24 Number of Openers; International 24 Hole Grain Drill, 6" Spacing, Single Disc Openers, Grass Seed, Cyl And Hoses, Plants 12' Wide, 7.50-20 Tires, Rear Platform, 12" Openers Type: Pull, Number of Openers: 24

$1,450.00 US
Classified JOHN DEERE 8250

Grain Drills 16 Hole, 7 1/2" Spacing, Plants 10' Wide, Double Disc Openers, Marker Tires, Grass Seed, Fertilizer, 13" Openers, Nice Little Drill, Needs Some New Disc Openers, Selling A.S.I.S. Type: Pull, Number of Openers: 16

$1,950.00 US
Classified JOHN DEERE 8350

Grain Drills 23 Hole, Single Disc Openers, 7 1/2" Spacing, 12 1/2" Blades, Cyl And Hoses, Grass Seed, Marker Tires, Rear Hitch, Plants 13' Wide

$2,250.00 US

Other Planting Equipment Holland Transplanter, Category 1 3pt Hitch, Water Tank, 2 Seater, Good Condition

$1,250.00 US